Top 10 Supplies for Making Wood Signs

So you want to make your own wood sign home decor piece? Great! Let me tell you how I first got started and the materials I used.

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When I first started making stencils at home I used my Cricut Maker. My best friend had a business selling custom signs. I told her that I wanted to get into the sign business and she taught me how to use the Cricut. She also suggested some of her favorite materials. In today's post, I'll go over the materials she suggested and a few that I came up with too.

1. Weeding set

This set is crucial when pulling your stencil off the cutting mat or off your finished sign! The tools I use the most are the tweezers and weeder.

2. 12x24 Standard Stick Mat

I used to only use the 12x12 mat, but believe me, this 12x24 mat makes cutting multiple stencils or a large stencil a breeze.

3. Binder Dividers

Want to make a reusable stencil for less? Use these plastic binder dividers. And if your stencil is larger than 8.5x11, just scotch tape two together before sending it to cut!

4. Adhesive Shelf Liner

I usually buy these at Dollar Tree, but when I can't find them there Amazon is the next best thing! These are great for a one-time use stencil. And way cheaper than using vinyl!

5. Acrylic Paint

Craftsmart is my favorite brand of Acrylic paint. It's easy to use, doesn't dry out when stored, and comes in a huge selection of colors.

6. Stippling Sponge Brush

When painting your sign, nothing gives a more uniform coating than using a stippling sponge brush. With a range of sizes, you can fill in large stencils and thin areas too!

7. Stain

My favorite fast dry stain allows you to stain, wipe off, and paint within minutes.

8. Tack Spray

For use when using your re-usable stencils. This tack spray holds your stencil in place while painting. If any residue is left on your sign when done, it easily wipes off!

9. Brad Nail Gun

This is my favorite nail gun for putting together wood signs. It's easy to use and the lighted tip makes sure you get it in the right place!

10. Wood glue

I use a small line of wood glue to hold framing in place while nailing. This also makes sure that the nails don't come loose over time.

Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming DIY posts. We'll share our favorite techniques for creating stencils and step-by-step tutorials!

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