No Payne, No Gain

When I first had the idea of hosting DIY bridal parties, I immediately called my recently engaged sister-in-law, Heather. I had such a fun time getting together with my bridesmaids, their moms, and whoever else we could rope into helping DIY decor for my own wedding, that I realized I had the unique opportunity to help other brides do the same. When I told Heather my idea, she thought it was great and we started to plan her own party.

About a month later when Heather was visiting for Christmas, we got to see her good friend and bridesmaid, Katie. Over dinner, I learned that Katie was recently engaged too. We got to talking and Katie told us that she and her fiance would be tying the knot on their anniversary, 1/14. Because of Covid and social distancing, they had decided to get married privately at the courthouse and to have their actual wedding a year later on their first anniversary as a married couple.

After hearing Katie's story, I wanted to do something special for her. I talked to her about having a mini-workshop to create a sign for her wedding. Originally, I wanted to make her something to have when they went to the courthouse, but our timing didn't work out. Instead, we got to celebrate the new Mr. and Mrs. Payne with our first DIY wedding party of the year! I still wanted Katie to get to make something really special so I got to thinking and ended up designing this 3-in-1 welcome sign. This sign will be the perfect way to welcome guests to their wedding and in the meantime (and after) they'll get to break it apart to display in their home. A welcome sign for their entryway, and their names and wedding date for somewhere special.

With the signs designed and prepped for their party, there was only one thing left to do; give Katie the full bride experience, something I knew she missed by heading down to the courthouse. So, as a surprise, I brought a veil and bottle of champagne with me to her workshop. We toasted the happy couple and then got down to business.

Ok, well, maybe not the full experience since weather and covid restrictions forced us to keep it super small, but I had to try.

We lost the boys to a football game, but the three of us girls had a fun time painting and chatting. We talked about my wedding, plans for Heather's wedding, and, of course, plans for Katie and Ryan's anniversary wedding. The couple plans to have a large outdoor wedding at a family friend's property in Loomis. Katie is a big fan of the farmhouse style so she plans to incorporate more wood signs into her decor. Hopefully, closer to their actual date, we can have another DIY party with her friends and family.

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