10 reasons I love doing weddings (In no particular order)

10. I get to put what are often finishing touches on the little details that make the day special and unique. 9. I put my creativity to the test when a couple requests something I've never done before. 8. I get to help make memories of the day last when one or all of the signs/decor can go home and be displayed again. 7. I love meeting the creative team behind the scenes. All the vendors are artists in their own right and meeting them whether it's just to chat, collaborate, or learn something new, I love getting to experience their knowledge! 6. Meeting the couple! Though I most often work with brides, I love when I get to know both halves of the couple. I want the pieces I create to reflect the couple's personality both as individuals and together so getting to know them is a must! 5. Designing color palettes. While most couples have their colors chosen before they get to me, I love it when I get to make suggestions and find the perfect match! 4. Scouring Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration. Though this often keeps me up way later than I should be, I love scrolling through other weddings for inspiration. Sometimes it's for the wording to use on a particular sign or which fonts to pair together, but I always get to see a lot of beautiful designs and find ways to make the ideas I find my own and unique to the couple. 3. When couples choose to DIY! This is definitely one of my favorites. When I got married we made a lot of our decor ourselves and since I'm a sucker for nostalgia, most of it were pieces we could use again. Now, everytime we pull out the bench cushions we made I remember the laughs we had making them, my grandmother staying comfortable on what ended up being a pretty windy day, and how beautifully everything came together. So when a couple chooses to do a DIY party to create their wedding decor, I love getting to help them make memories that will last a lifetime and it's often more memorable when they can get hands on, then the piece evokes more memories than just the day it is used. 2. The painting process. There is something so cathartic about adding each layer of paint. I love getting to pull the stencil away and see my vision come to life. Adding hand painted details is often nerve racking (what if I screw up 😬), but also the most rewarding when I see how it all comes together. 1. Getting to see the finished product. Another one of my favorites is the moment when the finished product is delivered to the couples. I love getting to see their faces when the piece we've discussed so much actually comes to life! Sometimes this moment is saved for the big day (no pressure, Lauren 😂), but that is amazing too because I get to style the pieces and see how the couples' entire wedding vision comes together! Signage: @woodasyouwish Photography: @dougmirandaphoto Couple: @rileyjquack @sadavis13

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